Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview With A Housewife

With only 4 days remaining before the opening reception for 'The Kitchen Goddess' exhibit, we sit down for just a brief moment to see just what this is all about.  I mean honestly, if we're going to drive all the way over to Bihl Haus Arts, we want to know what we're in for over there.  Thankfully, our busy housewife had just enough time for a small cup of tea before rushing off again. 

Whats this all about? 
- (laughter).  Its about tedium, darling.  Welcome to my home.  Look how much time I spent on this ... on everything.  It took me months and months to do this, and its still just ever so slightly off-kilter.  Some things will never be finished. Just as soon as I'm done ironing, I've got to turn around and start over again!  I slave over things to make them just right, but there's always room for more improvement.  But thats ok, because its a housewife's job to make sure we keep trying, keep working.

Working on ...?
- Well, everything of course.  What would the neighbors say if I just stopped keeping up?  My wonderful strong husband just gave me permission for the new kitchen layout and I want to make sure its absolutely perfect.  Thats very important.  Organization is very important.

Why does your kitchen make me feel like I'm in a Dr. Suess book? Whats with all these colors?
- (titter) Oh isn't it lovely?  I can't believe how much of an improvement it is over that dreadful old white Fridgidaire we had five years ago and that stupid rusty Maytag that didn't go with anything.  Everything matches.  Its just like being in The Wizard of Oz, with all these new and exciting colors.  I just get so ... excited to be cooking in a kitchen like this!

Hmmm. OK. Can you tell me about this one piece, "The Sink of Failed Dreams: Where All Good Housewife Dreams Go To Die"? 
- (pause. Puts down tea cup.)  Go to die?  I wouldn't say that. I mean, those dreams were awfully frivolous anyway. This is where I really belong and it's an awfully good life. Who has time for college and .. and a job when there's so much to do here.  Why its positively consuming!  There's really no time left over for such nonsense. I am very fulfilled right here and I've learned so much just with learning about domestic home economics ... so that silly thing about going to school was just that. silly.  They need me here. 

Alright. What do you keep under that sink? 
- Oh that? Thats just the stuff I don't need anymore, never did.  Rat poison, the leftovers ... all that silly stuff that I need to get rid of now that I have a nice new kitchen and a family on the way one day.  I've been needing to clean all that out anyway. 

How much time do you spend in your kitchen?
- (polite laughter) Why, all day, of course!  One day, when we have a big family, I'll be spending time in a nursery with little John Jr. and a sweet Becky Sue, but for now, I have so much to learn!  Home economics is a very very exhausting topic. Oh. I don't mean exhausting in a negative way. I simply mean there is very much to learn!  Did you know that the new ovens completely change the amount of time it takes to cook a glazed ham?  Canned pineapple makes it go so quickly. 

What is the most important tool you use in your kitchen?
- Oh thats easy! That would be my mixer. It matches my new refrigerator. They came together. It make my life so easy!  I get soooo much done with it.  It is so much better than mixing cake batter by hand!  Just look at it. It loves me ... its like its arms are opening for a big hug. (sigh)  Well I really must get back to work. There is so much to do before Friday, and we're expecting company. It was so nice to meet you!

There you have it.  Our housewife is back at it, primping her mint green and barbie pink kitchen, getting ready to greet you on Friday's opening at Bihl Haus Arts.  Do stop by. She'd love to show you around. (there might even be an ironing tutorial if you haven't already mastered this essential craft)

Bihl Haus Arts
2803 Fredricksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX
This Friday, 5:30 - 8:30 pm

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