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Things You Didn't Know About The Kitchen Goddess

If this blog is new to you, then I'll explain. I am a local visual artist. I usually work with photography and ceramics, but on occasion, I will create an installation where all the pieces are finished using fabrics, furs, and all manners of textiles. 'The Kitchen Goddess Goes To Work' was an exhibit about the evolution of the 1950s housewife as she gradually leaves her post by the mixing stand and ventures out into the workworld. It was intended to be a tounge-in-cheek look at women's roles in the kitchen and how it's all changed. For the several years, the kitchen was 'resting', and I was doing more photography, or just flat-out working a day job, but I've been freshly inspired and am back to work now, in full artist mode!

1.  I prefer metal to glitter.
2.  Snack pickles only taste good if they are properly chilled.
3.  My favorite saying is: 'always carry a purse big enough for your measuring spoons. you'll never know when you need to dish out some sugar'. (yes, i said that)