Monday, February 25, 2008

OK Everyone! Meet Jenna Gandy! Jenna is helping to design and create some of our outfits for the kitchen goddesses for the upcoming show. Jenna is a student at the local campus of the International Academy of Design and Technology. She is graduating in just a few months, so we were very lucky to snag her work before she gets totally booked up. She's been working in the field for over six years, specializing in wardrobe styling and her own unique clothing line. When she's done with school, look for her to start making her presence known here, possibly with her own shop or doing trunk shows. Jenna has ties both here and in Toronto, where she's been working with The Artist Group Limited, with Tara Shea.
So. Like edgy unique clothing? Like bright colors? Bold fashion statements? Wish you could have something that looks runway-ready? Well, then you'd better contact Jenna! Email:

And here is the lovely Deserea, one of our sassy and outspoken kitchen goddesses, who we'll be hearing more from this week. Deserea is wearing one of the dresses that Jenna custom designed for the show. A vision in turquoise polka-dots, our kitchen goddess greets us where it all starts: in front of the house with her favorite turkey casserole. (click to see her dress up close!)

Check back here soon! I'm going to post more pictures of Jenna's outfit designs. She has taken on the tricky project of outfitting our youngest kitchen goddesses, who are a handful. I'll also be posting the creation of Linda Yang, another talented design intern, as well as the words from an honest-to-god-modern-day goddess.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Vintage Dress Among Us

Last Saturday, when it was actually chilly and raining, I went to Southtown and came back with this fabulous vintage find. I visited Agosto Cuellar's vintage shop, Jive Refried and found two great dresses that scream kitchen goddess.
Make sure you visit Jive Refried's blog here.
I hope this dress will make an appearance at my show, maybe with a pair of duck-yellow gloves and some yellow heels....
Speaking of fashion, I've been so pleased to have two fashion design interns working with me on the show. Both students at the International Academy of Design and Technology, Linda Yang and Jenna Gandy are creating custom-designed retro dresses for some of our kitchen goddesses.
Once they are done, I'll photograph the dresses and post their information here. Both designers are working on a clothing line, and as you ALL know, buying and supporting local artists and designers is the way to go!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quote of The Day

"I do cook. I enjoy making cereal, Jell-O instant pudding... I've mastered the T.V. dinner. I was lucky enough to receive a whole baking set, along with cookbooks, gloves and a crystal cake display for Christmas. Getting a baking set for Christmas is either a compliment or a sign I need more practice. Nevertheless, I discovered I enjoy baking cookies. My favorite are chocolate chip."

---Zita Barbara Sanders, Kitchen Goddess

Monday, February 18, 2008

Future Goddesses...

Watch yourself, world. You'd better be ready for the next generation of kitchen goddesses. Sure they're cute, but these girls are tough as nails. When they're not color-coordinated and shined up, these two can be found spending time doing this:

Hours every day. Every day of the week. Spent riding and training 1,200 pound creatures that spook at balloons, clouds and jump over rails higher than your car. (if your car is a compact) These teenagers don't so much as flinch when they are faced with crazy, insane and psychotic creatures affectionately named ,'widowmaker', 'deathride' and other sweet names.

So world, buckle up. Here are your future kitchen goddesses. They don't mess around. They're not afraid of a lot of hard work. And they're going to be at the first friday show, sending you upstairs, kitchen-goddess style.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I got the chance today to work almost all day on my exhibit pieces, one of which was the Irony Board, which is all done now. She's all pink velour, leopard print, lace and black crushed velvet. And while you'd surely have a fire on your hands if you actually tried to use it for ironing, she's such a gorgeous creature, having this beauty in your house could easily find other fascinating uses.

The perfect place to display your vintage toy collection. A makeup counter. A companion in the kitchen for your cookbook. A stylish sidebar for your next party. A nightstand. And then there is her companion.

The Iron. She's bright, garish, and clashes with everything. She's wearing way way too much makeup and frankly, I don't think she should be going out like that, but there she is anyway... a mess of purple velvet, pink metallic spandex and green satin.

I also met up with some new goddesses who are going to participate in the show and should have some details to share with you this week. They are all very exciting ladies, and I can't wait to see them all dressed up and reciting the 'How To Be A Good Wife' ode. I also met with two fashion design interns who will be helping out with the show, and I'll be posting details as well about them this week, along with pictures of the kitchen goddess dresses they are helping to create.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Goddesses Are Gathering...

Like a percolating coffee pot, or the rising anticipation before a good live show, the excitement is starting to build for my kitchen goddesses across the city. Great things are happening, and I am scurrying to finish all my major pieces so that I'll be ready for the exhibit, in just 3 weeks!

Some of my goddesses work in glamorous modern-day jobs ... in the chamber of commerce, as a realtor broker, as models, actresses and local businesswomen. Others are aspiring artists, fashion design students, working moms and more. Please meet Deserea Marshall, one of my kitchen goddesses with attitude!

A local graphic arts student and former model, Deserea is comfortable both in front of and behind the camera. She's sassy, knows what she wants in life and isn't about to be intimidated by anything! Let's hear some of what she has to say:

Me: Who are your female role models?
DM: The moms from Leave It To Beaver, The Brady Bunch, and Little House On The Prairie. I wrote an essay on this for my college entry exam!

Now those are some gutsy women. Whether navigating the rigors of a full household and making it look easy or bracing against the rough life of the prarie, our kitchen goddess knows how to choose role models with moxie! I wonder just how gutsy she is...

Me: Can you run in high heels?
DM: I modeled until I was 19, and then had three children back to back, so running in heels is in my blood!

Me: If you were going to challenge a man to a competition you knew you could win, what would it be?
DM: Scrabble! or child birth for sure!

That's right guys! You might have the dual exhaust system figured out on your trucks. You might even be able to bench-press your full body weight while crossing and uncrossing your toes, but that's one thing you can't do, that our goddesses can, and with grace under pressure.

While Deserea has strong roots to family and friends, she also knows what she respects when she sees it in local businesspeople, and that's the people who know how to balance work and family. Spoken like a true kitchen goddess!

Me: Who do you admire in the business world most?
DM: Successful people who are actually doing what they love to do and still family oriented, very rare these days!

Deserea will be one of several performing as a charming yet sassy kitchen goddess in my textile exhibit that opens on March 6th in Fiber Artspace at the Blue Star Arts Complex. You'll have to come down and see for yourself! We'll save some devilled eggs just for you!
Visit Deserea's site about her photography and artwork!