Saturday, June 18, 2011

Of Mint and Men.

Somehow, I angered a spider, possibly a brown recluse spider, in my sleep.  I probably was mumbling something offensive, rambling about anti-spider legislation that should be passed.  That'll teach me.  I awoke 3 days ago with a fine specimen of a spider bite that made me think of every cable emergency-room-she-lost-her-leg-from-eating-shellfish drama I'd ever seen. 

So today, with the instructions of 'stay hydrated', while ambling through my backyard garden; I eyed the lovely mint growing in the nooks and crannies of the juniper logs and decided to do just that.  After crushing up the mint with cane sugar, kneading the sole remaining lime in my kitchen to utter submission, crushing ice up and cooling down grapefruit seltzer water and closing my eyes when i poured the rum; I created my own Anti-Spider Poison Limeade.
I made a second executive decision shortly after. I think I'll be growing lots more mint.  I hope the deer won't like it too much.  The spider bite feels better already.

And yes, I use my potted plants for drink holders. Keeps them upright.

1 comment:

skye said...

Perfection, dahlink!!
And, yes, *very* therapeutic!