Monday, February 25, 2008

OK Everyone! Meet Jenna Gandy! Jenna is helping to design and create some of our outfits for the kitchen goddesses for the upcoming show. Jenna is a student at the local campus of the International Academy of Design and Technology. She is graduating in just a few months, so we were very lucky to snag her work before she gets totally booked up. She's been working in the field for over six years, specializing in wardrobe styling and her own unique clothing line. When she's done with school, look for her to start making her presence known here, possibly with her own shop or doing trunk shows. Jenna has ties both here and in Toronto, where she's been working with The Artist Group Limited, with Tara Shea.
So. Like edgy unique clothing? Like bright colors? Bold fashion statements? Wish you could have something that looks runway-ready? Well, then you'd better contact Jenna! Email:

And here is the lovely Deserea, one of our sassy and outspoken kitchen goddesses, who we'll be hearing more from this week. Deserea is wearing one of the dresses that Jenna custom designed for the show. A vision in turquoise polka-dots, our kitchen goddess greets us where it all starts: in front of the house with her favorite turkey casserole. (click to see her dress up close!)

Check back here soon! I'm going to post more pictures of Jenna's outfit designs. She has taken on the tricky project of outfitting our youngest kitchen goddesses, who are a handful. I'll also be posting the creation of Linda Yang, another talented design intern, as well as the words from an honest-to-god-modern-day goddess.

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Beatrice said...

Only 5 days left until you crazy Kitchen Goddesses go to work!! Good luck out there, and I hope somebody is waiting at home (quietly and happy to see you) when you get home!!

From the Messy Kitchen Goddess in Denver!