Monday, February 18, 2008

Future Goddesses...

Watch yourself, world. You'd better be ready for the next generation of kitchen goddesses. Sure they're cute, but these girls are tough as nails. When they're not color-coordinated and shined up, these two can be found spending time doing this:

Hours every day. Every day of the week. Spent riding and training 1,200 pound creatures that spook at balloons, clouds and jump over rails higher than your car. (if your car is a compact) These teenagers don't so much as flinch when they are faced with crazy, insane and psychotic creatures affectionately named ,'widowmaker', 'deathride' and other sweet names.

So world, buckle up. Here are your future kitchen goddesses. They don't mess around. They're not afraid of a lot of hard work. And they're going to be at the first friday show, sending you upstairs, kitchen-goddess style.