Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Vintage Dress Among Us

Last Saturday, when it was actually chilly and raining, I went to Southtown and came back with this fabulous vintage find. I visited Agosto Cuellar's vintage shop, Jive Refried and found two great dresses that scream kitchen goddess.
Make sure you visit Jive Refried's blog here.
I hope this dress will make an appearance at my show, maybe with a pair of duck-yellow gloves and some yellow heels....
Speaking of fashion, I've been so pleased to have two fashion design interns working with me on the show. Both students at the International Academy of Design and Technology, Linda Yang and Jenna Gandy are creating custom-designed retro dresses for some of our kitchen goddesses.
Once they are done, I'll photograph the dresses and post their information here. Both designers are working on a clothing line, and as you ALL know, buying and supporting local artists and designers is the way to go!

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