Monday, January 14, 2008

Going Grocery Shopping!

While my husband is off in the wilds of Florida doing a wilderness survival course with Tom Brown, I'm busy navigating the jungle of the fabric store ... tables heaped up with out-of-season prints, polyester from my childhood (still ugly) and reams and reams of cutesy kid-targeted flannel (and those moms also wearing the Winne-The-Pooh sweatshirts). I'm working through my grocery list, one processed food item at a time!
Mmmmmm! Mystery meat! Could it be rolled up pastrami on a bed of iceberg lettuce? Or maybe something sitting a little too far back in my retro fridge since Thanksgiving... And this? Sushi? A bite of ham? Maybe some tuna? Or canned salmon, maybe....
Just wait until I get to the fun stuff! I have a ham to 'bake', my fabulous problematic cake, devilled eggs, pickes-on-a-stick....
I photographed the gallery space I'll be using for this installation, and I spent part of the weekend doing measurements and planning for my other pieces that I will build for the exhibit. While my 5 foot tall green satin fridge looks a little box-like to me, i think once I give it some softness and depth, I will like it better. For now though, its sitting on a piano-dolly, scaring the dogs.

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