Thursday, January 24, 2008

"I Run Like The Wind In High Heels"

Spoken like a true lady, our Goddesses are both tough, savvy and sophisticated. They know their way around a kitchen for sure, but can teach you a thing or two about making it in today's dog-eat-dog world. Take Zita Barbara, for instance. In one of our interviews, she tells us how it is.

Me: What plans do you have academically after you graduate from school?

ZB: Going for a PhD. During my graduation ceremony, the lady next to me turned to me and said, “Keep going, don’t stop until you have a PhD… you have the face for it.” Apparently facial features have a lot to do with the ability to reason at higher levels. I don’t mean to brag, but I apply cream to my face everyday to prevent wrinkles and loss of I.Q.

Me: Can you run in high heels?

ZB: I run like the wind in high heels. Let me tell you, there is nothing more painful to a woman than running a mile in heels, besides childbirth.

And there you have it! Our first questions, answered by Zita Barbara. More to come in the very near future!

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