Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Kitchen Goddess Steps Back In Time.....

‘The Kitchen Goddess Goes To Work’, multi-media installation
Contact: Suchil Coffman-Guerra,

November 30, 2007 – Walking into a Kitchen Goddess installation is a lot like stepping back in time, that is, if nostalgia is covered in leopard spots and Technicolor fur. Created entirely out of textiles in uncommon arrangements, the Kitchen Goddess exhibit will come to life again during Women’s History Month, in a 2nd-floor gallery at Blue Star Art Complex called Fiber ArtSpace. Up for the first week of March 2008, entering the Kitchen Goddess exhibit will be a trip back to the 1950s, when women had perfected the art of homemaking. This is a visual representation of that world, complete with living Kitchen Goddesses to narrate you through a day in their lives, as you walk through their household, and come out the other side, into the cool, color-coordinated multi-tasking kitchen that belongs to the modern-day working woman that has it all.
Originated in 2005, the Kitchen Goddess concept is a visual project that local artist Suchil Coffman-Guerra leapt upon when asked to curate a nationally juried show in Denver, Colorado. It grew into a project that had dozens of Colorado artists involved in; creating textile pieces, walls, and an entire life-sized kitchen goddess environment to make a subtle statement about women’s roles during the 50s. The current exhibit in San Antonio, Texas, will expand upon the original idea and begin the exploration of women’s path from the kitchen to the workplace, and how, in some cases, they are the same.
The use of textiles in this exhibit, once commonly regarded as a craft medium, or ‘women’s work’, is used as a jab at convention, using the materials in unconventional ways to make a statement both about how textile arts have been regarded as crafts rather than an art form, and also how women have been able to elevate the mundane into an art form.
Suchil Coffman-Guerra has shown her work across the US, including the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art, the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art and the Texas Artist’s Museum. She has curated exhibitions in Colorado and facilitated artist career development workshops for local artist organizations.
‘The Kitchen Goddess Goes To Work’ will be on display at Fiber ArtSpace, at the Blue Star Art Complex, in Building D, #202. The exhibit will run March 6- 11, 2008. For more information, contact: or 210.807.0645.

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