Friday, January 25, 2008

These Shoes Were Made For Preening...

While the rest of the country is locked in a cold cold embrace, here in the southern reaches of the hill country, its a little chilly, a little drizzly, but honestly, NOT BAD. While I miss the health food stores and the easy access to good thai food that I enjoyed in Colorado; warm weather, cheap avocados at the grocery store and long summers make up for it.

I was pleased to get a lot of work done last evening on pieces for the show. I made my 6 foot tall green satin fridgie purty, started on the retro dinner table, made some grocery items and got some accessories (see above) ready for my Kitchen Goddesses. While the exhibit is about the presentation -- its always about the presentation - -- the illusion that everything 'housewifey' is easy, a no-brainer, effortless --- it is also about the women that inhabit the kitchen that really drives the point home.

Women of the 1950s were given rule of the kitchen, and as artillery, given appliances, tv dinners and gadgets intended to make their life 'easier'. At the same time, the expectation was that they would still need to look beautiful, maintain a well-run house and look no further for fulfillment outside of that kitchen.

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