Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kitchen Goddesses Overtake Blue Star Art Complex!

A vision of loveliness in green, our retro kitchen goddess Zita Barbara Sanders started off our 2nd day of the Kitchen Goddess exhibit in style, beckoning visitors in from the windows of her lovely home. We were very lucky to have several kitchen goddesses hosting the show tonight: Zita Barbara (click on her picture to see the full-sized image), Mauricia Martha Sanders, Sonia Knape and April King-Bennett. We also had two young members of the Guardian Angels Performance Academy participating in both the modern and retro world. They gave spoken word performances from the minds of young aspiring kitchen goddesses, from both sides of the exhibit: both modern and retro.

The exhibit was all about audience participation. Walking towards surprised visitors on robotic stiff (Stepford-wife-esque) joints, our goddesses implored them to sample salami rolls, pickles-on-a-stick, fresh olives and more. Many visitors were surprised that yes, the jello was real, and yes, you could eat it. And yes... it was tasty!

Here we have Art, one of our very obliging visitors, and a student from a local university no less, resting long enough to be properly fed a nutritious snack by goddesses Sonia (in green) and April (in brown with fuzzy scarf). The last thing any of our diligent goddesses would want is an earnest viewer of the arts, to go out with an empty stomach. More later! We still have several exhibit days to go, and one more performance by the Guardian Angels Performance Academy next Saturday!

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