Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Peek Into My World...

One of the things I liked the most about creating the pieces for this exhibit was finding ways of presenting mundane kitchen items in a colorful and irreverant fashion. I loved taking unexpected fabrics and 're-assigning' them to a new role.

It took me weeks to hand-make the 'Bad Eggs' carton and each individual egg. 'Tasty Beans', an item from last year, was an exercise in embroidery patience, as was 'Milk'.

And here is the stove of my dreams. I imagine only fluffy cakes, puddings, and divine hams coming from this satin confection of an appliance. Dr. Seuss would be envious of this.
While whimsical, the pieces show that a commonly belittled skill, textiles, often labeled as 'craft' or 'hobby', can have a great deal of planning, design and skill to pull it off. 50 yards of seafoam satin can't be wrong!
Today we had the kids from Say Si visit our exhibit, and tomorrow we'll be inviting those from Celebration Circle into our lovely lovely home. There will be pickles-on-a-stick, there will be devilled eggs, and there will be plenty of sass and good home economics wisdom to share. I do hope you'll be there! More pics to follow soon!

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