Sunday, March 9, 2008

VaVaVa Voom!

Normally I don't like to post images of myself, but this one is for my mom. Look mom! Look Catherine! I learned how to iron! There's documented proof now! Sniff... your little girl went and grew up and now look how domestic she is!

The olive tray and table got rave reviews, but our VaVaVa Voom object that attracted the most attention was the leggy and sultry iron and Irony Board. People just couldn't keep their hands off the long hand-wrapped cord, or the pink velour of the board. It was the host to quite a few educational and entertaining ironing tutorials, one of which we'll post a video of, here online! Soon! Because we know you too, would like to be as well-versed as we are here, in the Kitchen Goddess household.

The two lovely Sanders sisters, Zita Barbara and Martha Mauricia arrived just in time to give cooking classes with lunchmeat, and to scramble eggs for us. Always a pleasure, the perfectly attired Kitchen Goddesses impressed everyone with their extensive knowledge of All-Things-Kitsch.
I will be posting many more pictures of the exhibit over the next several days, as we gear up for Luminarias, and the final outing of the Kitchen Goddess exhibit for now. On Saturday, 12 -4, one week from now, the kitchen will be rocking, and we're even thinking about having a Rockabilly Hour during the show, with Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers. We'll let you know!

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