Friday, March 7, 2008

The Opening Night

Ah yes. You know your opening night is a success when your goddesses really get involved in their household chores and take nutrition and motherly duties seriously. Above, you see Kitchen Goddess being choked by the ever-smiling Goddess Deserea. That'll teach her to put the tuna casserole on the table five minutes late!
***forgive the images you see here--- my pocket point-and-shoot isn't so hot. :(

Tonight (Friday) will play host to some other kitchen goddesses, Mauricia Martha and Zita Barbara, the Sanders sisters, as well as the lovely Sonia Knape. I hope that you can make the opening and we'll be waiting for you, devilled eggs in hand! Please make sure to check out the images on my 'kitchen goddesses' photo album in the upper right corner! More will be coming out shortly! Until then, our goddesses wish you well and hope that you eat everything on your plate!

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